Start driving today with Jindalee Driving School

There's nothing better than passing your driving test first go!

You want to get your license on the first try, right? Do it with Jindalee Driving School, West Brisbane's most successful driving school! Forget the fear of walking out on the fateful day of your test with your head down and asking your mum to drive home. We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared to take your driving test, so you can walk in and drive out with confidence.

Your safety and the safety of our roads are the highest priority at Jindalee Driving School, so our learner cars are all fitted with dual controls. Our instructors have over 25 years of teaching experience and fully accredited and qualified so you know you’re in safe hands.

Our school

Our driving school instructors are qualified, patient and experienced. They are experts in helping you to feel safe and comfortable while learning to drive. You’re instructor will support you in learning at your own pace until you are sure you’re ready to take your test. Our cars are fitted with dual controls for maximum safety so when you venture out onto the streets, you know you are safe.

All cars at Jindalee Driving School are subject to regular safety checks and servicing to keep them in top condition.


When you enrol in driving school at Jindalee Driving School you can expect:
Professional instructors
Maximum safety
Dual control cars
Lots of fun
Get your licence first time!

You’ll love learning to drive and be confident when it comes time to take your test. Most importantly, you will learn to be a safe and responsible driver when you’re finally out there on your own.